In keeping with the delightful Purim tradition of giving shalach manot gifts to friends in the form of fruit, candies, and cookies, Shir Tikvah is pleased to offer shalach manot packages.  Each package will include delicious hamantaschen, candy, nuts, fruit, and a card indicating the givers of the package.  There will be a $7.25 charge per name submitted.  Unless we hear from you otherwise, we will assume that all packages are to be delivered by us. (If you want to deliver your own package or packages, please state that clearly. The cost is the same for delivery and pick-up.)

Also!  We have designed a lovely card that we will send in lieu of goodies that don’t travel well, as shalach manot to your out-of-town friends and relatives.  The card states that a donation has been made to Shir Tikvah in honor of the recipient.  Each card is $4.00.

Orders MUST be received with payment to Shir Tikvah, 1424 183rd Street, Homewood, IL 60430 by Monday, March 2, 2020. Click here for the order form.