Shir Tikvah Hebrew/Sunday School

We at Shir Tikvah are excited to offer a program for children and families that will be creative, innovative and meaningful. Our goals will include:

  1. Educate and prepare for the bar/bat mitzvah

  2.  Understand and practice Jewish values

  3. Develop a knowledge of basic Jewish literacy.

  4.  Prepare for life as a Jew in the modern world.

January 2022

We had another great month at school!

Most exciting was our first field trip, to Rosenblum’s Judaica and Emma’s

Bagel Café in Skokie. Having studied about Judaica, and the way in which Jewish objects and ritual items help enhance our Jewish experiences, we were very excited to visit a store dedicated to Judaica.  Rosenblum’s co-owner was wonderful, showing us around, answering questions, and each student got to pick an item of Judaica that they personally found most meaningful. It was an outstanding visit!

At Emma’s, students experienced a meal at a kosher restaurant. We noted the handwashing sink, benchers (blessing after meal booklets) on the table, and various kashrut related words around the restaurant. We even saw Rahm Emanuel getting a bagel! Students are now learning about what it means to keep kosher and why someone might choose to do so.

Just before Thanksgiving, we learned about Chanukah. In celebration, we made latkes from scratch, and we decorated Chanukah cookies. It has been another great month and we look ed forward to our winter break.

In Hebrew school, Students have been working on learning the Alef-Bet and reading. They have added new words to their vocabulary and are working on prayers .

It’s been a great first semester and we can’t wait for the second one!
Rabbi Carmit Harari, Sherry Dieckman, Carole Fefferman, and Donelle Macey (No class January 5, 6, 16)