Shir Tikvah Hebrew/Sunday School

We at Shir Tikvah are excited to offer a program for children and families that will be creative, innovative and meaningful. Our goals will include:

  1. Educate and prepare for the bar/bat mitzvah

  2.  Understand and practice Jewish values

  3. Develop a knowledge of basic Jewish literacy.

  4.  Prepare for life as a Jew in the modern world.

The students were busy last month as they participated in their last Shabbat service. They continue to learn prayers during Hebrew School and are making great progress. In Sunday School, as a culmination to our unit on Israel, the students worked on a mural depicting different aspects of the Israeli culture, such as agriculture, defense, and the Israeli landscape. The last day of Hebrew School is May 2, and the last day of Sunday School is May 7. 

Rabbi Carmit Harari   

Sherry Dieckman   

Donelle Macey     

Carole Fefferman

school-1 April 2023
school-2 April 2023