Shir Tikvah Hebrew/Sunday School

We at Shir Tikvah are excited to offer a program for children and families that will be creative, innovative and meaningful. Our goals will include:

  1. Educate and prepare for the bar/bat mitzvah

  2.  Understand and practice Jewish values

  3. Develop a knowledge of basic Jewish literacy.

  4.  Prepare for life as a Jew in the modern world.

We were so excited this month to help celebrate the bar mitzvah of one of our students: Chase Levy. We were thrilled to hear him lead part of the service, read from the Torah, give a D’var Torah, and read the Haftorah. At each of these events, we feel the strength of the Shir Tikvah family. This month, the Sunday School continued the theme of tzedakah and then focused on the theme of Chanukah. The students learned about the different types of tzedakah and the obligation of everyone to give in some way. They read about tzedakah projects that other children their age have started. Besides discussing the history of Chanukah, we talked about the various meanings of the holiday in both ancient times and modern times, especially as we discussed the concept of antisemitism. Our activities included making their own chanukiyah and candles and baking sufganyiot. Of course, they had time to play dreidel for chocolate gelt. The Hebrew School students learned the prayers for lighting the Chanukah candles. They also played games which focused on improving their fluency in reading Hebrew. We, the teachers, continue to be thrilled with the enthusiasm that the students bring to each class.

Rabbi Carmit Harari, Sherry Dieckman, Carole Fefferman, Donelle Macey

school January 2022