Shir Tikvah Hebrew/Sunday School

We at Shir Tikvah are excited to offer a program for children and families that will be creative, innovative and meaningful. Our goals will include:

  1. Educate and prepare for the bar/bat mitzvah

  2.  Understand and practice Jewish values

  3. Develop a knowledge of basic Jewish literacy.

  4.  Prepare for life as a Jew in the modern world.

Due to winter break and some weather related emergencies, there is not much to report this month. On Sunday, January 21, the children participated in a Tu B’shevat Seder. They learned about the importance of trees, and why there is a holiday to honor trees and the earth. They sampled four different types of grape juice, and a variety of fruits that are prominent in Israel; pomegranate seeds, nuts, apricots, dates, and apples, to name a few. The lesson concluded with Ms. Macey reading a story about an apple who wanted to be filled with stars. The students shared what made each of them a star on the inside. Sunday School and Confirmation Class returned on January 21, 2024, and Hebrew School will reconvene on January 23. In Hebrew School the students will be continuing their work in reading Hebrew, and preparing for an upcoming Shabbat service. Watch as they also participate in our Megillah reading on March 23.

The Sunday School students wrote this poem in celebration of Tu Bishvat:

Tu b’shavat Haiku

Trees are very tall

Their leaves turn color and fall

We do love them all.

Students made seed bombs to plant in the spring. (We are hoping Bob might make us a little garden plot to plant them. ) We also enjoyed decorating sugar cookies in the shape of trees which we shared with the Rabbi and her Confirmation Class.

Rabbi Carmit Harari   

Sherry Dieckman   

Donelle Macey     

Carole Fefferman