How do I fill out the order form?

In the event that a vendor offers multiple denominations of a gift card for a single entry in the form, please circle the desired denomination. Enter the total purchase price for each vendor in the Amount column, we’ll figure out how many cards you’re requesting. The Disc column indicates the percentage of each purchase that goes to BYBS

Do the gift cards expire?

Some gift cards will have an expiration date on them.  The cards you purchase will have at least 1 to 2 years before expiration/dormant/non-use dates apply.  Also some scrip now have dormancy fees or non-use fees as opposed to expiration dates on them.  This fee will deduct a set dollar amount from the card balance each month (i.e. $1.50 or more) after a certain amount of months of dormant or non-use.  This amount will be deducted each month until the balance is zero.  Once the card is once again used, the time period for dormancy will be restarted.  The dormancy fees do not take affect until at least 12 months or more.

A notable exception is the Visa prepaid card which will retain its full value for six months from the time of purchase. Beginning the seventh month a $3.00 monthly service fee will be applied to the card. This $3.00 fee will apply each month until replacement is requested by the authorized user or until value has been depleted to zero. Replacement fee is $6.95. If replacements is requested, a $6.95 charge will be applies to the remaining balance, less any monthly fees that have been incurred.

What if I live out of town?  Will my gift cards be delivered to me?

This option is available only to those not residing within the South Suburban area.  If you cannot reasonably pick up your gift cards, we will, if you specifically request, mail them to you via US Priority Mail.  You must include an additional $7.00 with your order to cover the postage.