Officers and Directors 2013-2014

Executive Committee Officers

President: Penny Shnay — through June 2015


Tommie Gbur — through June 2014
Carole Fefferman — through June 2014
Ruth Friedman — through June 2015
Gary Schwarz — through June 2015

Treasurer: Jerry Tenny —through June 2014

Secretary: Barbara Schwarz remains through June 2014

Sisterhood Co-Presidents: Carole Fefferman and Gayle Weil

Board of Directors

 Term Expiring in 2014:
Alan Narter (Parliamentarian), Jill Sevelow, Jerry Shnay, Renee Stahl, Chuck Stone

Term Expiring in 2015:
Bonnie Mosbacher, Boaz Rafalovitz, Ernie Ratowitz, Barry Sturm

Term Expiring in 2016:
Barry Bayer (Legal Adviser), Michael Miller, David Rader

Voting Past Presidents

Immediate Past President: Judy Lohr

Past President: David Epstein

Past President: Gayla Cahan