In keeping with our mission statement, the congregants of BYBS recognize that we have a unique relationship to each other and consider ourselves a caring Jewish community, a kehillat chesed. As a congregational family and spiritual community, we accept the obligation to support our members during challenging times, for example by assisting families experiencing difficult periods of transition in their lives.

Examples of these occasions may include the birth of a child, serious illness, death of a loved one, or becoming a caregiver for a relative or other loved one. Our caring can take the form of a telephone call, providing meals, or a visit, if desired by those needing support.  Please contact the temple office if you need such assistance—or if you wish to offer support to others. You can be certain your concerns will be handled with confidentiality. 
The mitzvah of caring belongs to everyone in the congregation. Remember, any member can attend a shiva or minyan, make a phone call, write a note, visit a housebound person, drop off a meal, or offer a ride. 

As a caring community, we also share the joys of celebrating together at life-cycle events and holidays, and we create bonds with one another through temple involvement.