Shir Tikvah Hebrew/Sunday School

We at Shir Tikvah are excited to offer a program for children and families that will be creative, innovative and meaningful. Our goals will include:

  1. Educate and prepare for the bar/bat mitzvah

  2.  Understand and practice Jewish values

  3. Develop a knowledge of basic Jewish literacy.

  4.  Prepare for life as a Jew in the modern world.

“No more pencils, no more books…”
Our last days of school for 2021-2022 are so quickly approaching: The last day of Sunday School is May
1st. The children will spend part of that day making falafels.
The last days for Hebrew School are Wednesday, May 4th and Thursday, May 5th. This all culminates
with a Reform Service on Saturday, May 7th at 10:15 am. The students will lead a large part of the
service, as they move closer to their B;nai Mitzvah. All are welcome to worship with us that morning!
On Sunday, April 10th, the students went on a field trip o Skokie, where they went to a Jewel grocery store
with a large selections of Kosher food. They participated in a scavenger hunt, looking for particular
Passover items. Reports from the kids stated that they had a good time.
On Sunday, April 24th, the students went again to Skokie to visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Along
with the kids came several parents. The experience proved to be very powerful to all who attended, and it
was timely to coincide with Yom HaShoah.
Even though the school year is ending, the teachers are already expressing excitement about the school
year to come. According to the teachers, the most positive thing about this year was observing the students
bond with one another, and the parents bond with one another. Our goal this year was to help the kids
create a pride in being Jewish, and a pride in belonging to our Shir Tikvah community. We believe we are
well on our way to that goal.
Sherry Dieckman, Carole Fefferman, Rabbi Carmit Harari, Donelle Macey